Thursday, January 31, 2013


The boys went out to practice pitching when they got home from school.

The wind-up...

...and the pitch...

Here's a shot from the other angle.

Use #71 for a Home Depot bucket  :)

Connor has gotten soOoOooOOoo much better at smiling on command...he actually  ReaLLy looks happy here.

Dinner was cheesy chicken biscuit cups with bacon...not pretty...but always a hit :)

Connor is starting a Minecraft club at BMMS.  Last night he was writing up his agenda for his meeting on Thursday and printing out maps of the server and other geek-related stuff...Sanford of course was quite helpful :)

I printed out this TNT block box pattern and filled it with candy for him to give to Mr. Frost who has volunteered to be the club advisor.  There is an entire website dedicated to making paper crafts out of Minecraft is HySteRicaL!!!  They have blocky versions of Spiderman, Spongebob, and a St. Louis Ram player!  I sense a draining of printer ink once Connor finds the site!

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