Monday, January 7, 2013


It was cold and Connor asked for these for breakfast...

I think I bought them because they were on sale and I had a coupon and they ended up being like 59cents... I figured...whatevs...

I didn't think they looked all that appetizing, so I skipped them...Connor ate 4...but said they were just "ok" :)  
I wonder how many he would have scarfed down if they'd been good?!?!

Sanford got his served in bed with a glass of juice since he's still not feeling well.

At 3:00, Sanford had to go to work to help the ASB set up for a special dance promotion thing they were doing on Monday morning.  Connor wanted to go with him...probably because I kicked him off the screen since his eyes were bugged out and his attitude was foul.

Of course as soon as they left, it started raining...I didn't notice because it was just a sprinkle and I was reading.

I did get a little chilly so I went to make a cup of coffee and noticed that not only was the trash can FULL, someone had piled trash on top of it and started just setting trash on the kitchen counter next to it...ReaLLy?!?!

So...I took the trash out...cursing someone's name the ENTIRE time.

As I was going back in for the second load, my neighbor from across the street called me over to show me this...



How cool is that!?!! 

RAINBOW that went right over our house

I guess it's supposed to be some kind of message from above telling me to be grateful and showing how I would have missed out if it hadn't been for doing someone else's chores...I should be all touchy-feely and glad to have taken out the's a real shame I'm shallow and nasty and got none of the true moral...
all I got was cold, wet feet

Other than feeding the 3 animals yesterday (one 4-legged & 2 of the 2-legged variety) all I did was read.
It was a lovely way to spend a wet Sunday. 

Here's my stack as of Sunday night.
Books on the left still need to be read.
Books on the right are finished.
I read all of Molokai and  The Girl With The Pearl Earring and most of The Birth of Venus just on Sunday :)

I would recommend all of them....4 stars...good stories...all historical fiction...all book club worthy.

That bottom one on the pile...YiKeS!! What a HoT mess!!
With a title like
The Cursing Mommy's Book of Days
I was thinking it had to be hysterical...NOT.
ok...honestly I was thinking that perhaps it was actually written about me :)
To tell the truth...I was tempted to crop it out of the picture because I'm embarrassed I even read it.
-2 stars...please note the (-) NEGATIVE in front of the 2

Luckily...that was the first book I read and the others totally washed it out of my mind :)

I'm definitely hoping the rest of the book are NoTHinG like that one!!

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