Monday, January 14, 2013


We spent Sunday mainly doing chores and projects that should have gotten done on Saturday :)

Connor has a book report due on Tuesday.  Each book report consists of a 2 minute speech that needs to be written and memorized and a poster or diorama....we always choose the diorama.

Connor built all the Lego pieces for this on Friday night and I helped him with the rest on Sunday.

It's a classroom scene from the book.  Check out the wood floor Connor put in :) ...gotta love popsicle sticks!!

My two favorite things are the just slays me...and the Lego minifig's Marine dress hat.  We scaled it down and printed it out on photo paper and then cut it out and snot dotted it to his head...It looks AwESoMe in person!

After the diorama was done, the boys went out to work on the trains for a while.  They didn't last to long was CoLD in the garage...highs all week have been in the 50's! YiKeS!!

Sanford gave me a hard time saying I was taking pictures while it looked like a mess...I laughed.  The mess on the train table is NOTHING compared to the disaster that our garage is.  Funny how you don't notice how bad things really are until you see a photo...

Connor opened up all the fun new cars he got for Christmas from Uncle Justin and Aunt Kristine...and they ran the little Railroad Police car Sanford bought Connor for the first time.  It is the cutest little scale car that runs on the cracked me up!

I was impressed that Sanford put the trains back up Sunday night and parked both cars back in the garage.  I think it might have had something to do with not wanting to get into a car that had ice on the windshield in the morning...but I was grateful any way :)

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