Monday, January 21, 2013


We hadn't been down to see Banana since Thanksgiving...since I had Monday off for MLK Day, we decided it was a perfect time for a visit.

I love that Connor is always so excited to go visit her.  Sanford questioned me about it and I laughed...Connor gets babied, treated like a king, offered every junk food known to man, and usually there is a toy or cash prize involved...Grandma smooches on him and tells him how handsome and wonderful he is...what's not to like?!?!?

Connor and I brought down some pastries and then we all chatted for a while.

We exchanged Christmas gifts and gossiped until lunchtime...Grandma had decided when I called her earlier in the week that she wanted to take us out for lunch.

I forgot to take any pictures until we were at the not the best picture ever...

It's funny how sometimes I look at a picture of Connor and his face looks different to me...thinner...more mature...the shape seems to be changing...there's almost no little boy left in did he get to be 11??  
This is definitely one of those can see a teenage face just hiding in there...I am soooo NOT ready for that!

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