Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Our toilet has been leaking and Sanford went to Home Depot to get the stuff to fix it.

I went to the grocery store and by the time I got home...it was all done.   

 My husband doing manual labor?!? 
 In what I'm guessing was an unflattering position?!? 
Involving a toilet?!? 
And I missed it?!?! 
That would have been a completely Blog-able event :)

This is how he looked at me when I mentioned those facts...
Guess I'd better not push it if I ever want him to play blue collar again...

When I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures for the day, I went a snapped a photo of what each boy was doing right then...
Sanford was sitting in bed playing on the computer and watching TV (and looking annoyed at me)
Connor was freshly bathed, in his jammies, and reading on his Kindle

...and Mack was laying in the hallway.  He hates when everyone is in a different room because he doesn't know where to go so he ends up laying in the hallway so that he can hear all of us.  Silly kitty!

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