Monday, January 14, 2013


slacker...didn't post on the dates for Saturday's post are off.

It's funny that it's harder to get tit done on the weekend than during the weekend...I should have more free time on the weekends...maybe it's just that the computer is constantly in use conquering the world and/or watching YouTube videos about how to conquer the world :)

...Sanford is completely over the daily picture taking thing...    :)

Little League tryouts were Saturday morning.

The boys had to shag pop ups in the outfield and throw to second base,  field grounders at shortstop and throw to first and got 5 pitches from the machine to swing at...

Connor caught 5/6 balls and hit every pitch...

The boys were so cute sitting on the bench waiting to bat.  

After baseball, we came home and I started baking cupcakes to take over to the Hodges.  We were invited over for dinner and a board game.

The hostess requested chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.  I had made them once before when we went over and Laura really liked them :)

I melted a cup of chocolate chips and a cup of peanut butter chips with just a little vegetable oil and dipped half of the cupcakes to make hi-hats...I thought the kids would really like those...They reminded me of Dairy Queen dipped cones.

We had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner...the sandwiches were DeLiSH!!!  Thick sliced whole grain bread, spread with pesto and topped with mozzarella and tomatoes,  coated in olive oil...YuM!!!

Best GriLLeD CHeEsE EvER!!

There were some issues with he other folks that were supposed to come, so Laura and I chatted while Sanford and Tom watched the football game and the kids ran wild upstairs :)

After football was over, we played
I thought for sure Sanford would RoCK at this game!  He is a total con artist and liar!  He yanks me, Connor, the ASB kids...anyone he can.  He has NO shame!!  So I was pleasantly surprised that he got his clock cleaned and came in DEAD a LOT!!!!  Of course it could have something to do with his smart aleck answers...example...we were given a name and had to write the reason the person was famous...
Sanford's answer...
Harry Woods
Beat his wife to death for making him play stupid board games. real question why he lost!! :)

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