Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Here is a quick picture of Connor's last treat of 2012...

Sanford must have really felt LouSY since he didn't want any ice cream...both boys are incredibly grateful that I used to work in an ice cream parlour.  :)

The whipped cream mustache was killing me!!

I bought the best calendar...

It has the CuTeST cookies for each month...and it was one of the few times when being a procrastinator paid off because it was only 90 cents at Michaels!!  I have these hat and mitten cutters and just looking at the picture makes me want to bake! :)

Here's a photo of the front page of the paper...since Sanford is sick, posing for this picture is the only action this newspaper had!  The papers for the last 3 days are still in their plastic bags...I guess reading the paper is too taxing when you aren't feeling well.  I'm hoping tomorrow's paper gets read!  

I'm tired of being Sanford's  nurse...I'm good for a day...two tops...then I'm annoyed by it all...I can hang in for 3 or 4 days for Connor...but I have serious appreciation for people who nurse people for a's a ROUGH job! :/

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