Thursday, January 24, 2013


Connor's first Middle School Orchestra concert was Wednesday night.

He was more excited than nervous. :)

We stopped at Bertrand's Music on the way there and finally picked up the rock-stop we ordered him for he was all set.

I made the boys pose before we even went in. They are really becoming annoyed at the new blogging habit.  I stop and make them take pictures all the time now.  I do have to say that Connor is getting MUCH better at just smiling nicely the first time instead of giving me three rations of grief.  He's realized that I'm just going to make him keep posing until I get the picture I want and it's faster to just do it right the first time...if only he's apply that concept to homework...we'd be in GrEaT shape!

Aunt JoAnn and Grammie came to watch the show.  Grandad was sick.  Kathy came too, but we didn't see her until after the show.

I snapped one before the performance started while Mr. H was tuning everyone else's instruments...that bass looks GiNorMOuS...and it's only 3/4...not even full size!!!

There were some technical difficulties and Connor's name was left off of the program....teasingly I told him he'd better check and make sure he was still playing...I felt a little bad when he ran off to find Mr. H :)  

Mr. H stopped on his way out to mention to the audience that Connor's name was accidentally left off the program...Connor was obviously shy and embarrassed to be in the spotlight...HaH!!  That boy definitely has his father's -HaM-it-UP- gene!!!

Here is the 6th grade Orchestra performing their first song.  They played 4 songs and then the Advanced Orchestra played 4.

...concentrating hard...

We stopped at Golden Spoon for a treat after the concert...banana with M&M's, 1/2 strawberry & 1/2 pineapple, and cake batter with sour worms...obvs that last one was the boy' taste buds don't roll that way!!

It was a fun night and we were very proud of Connor.  He seems happy to have switched to the bass from the violin.  I do miss hearing him practice every night...he had gotten really good by the end of 5th grade...but I have to admit he does look studly playing that big ole bass! :)

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