Wednesday, January 16, 2013


A few years ago Sanford bought me a nicer point and shoot camera when I complained about not being able to take good close up pictures with my old one.

That year when we went to look at Christmas lights, I went to put it in what I thought was my jacket pocket and was in reality the jacket's belt...the camera crashed to the sidewalk and the lens would no longer extend and retract smoothly and the camera wouldn't focus.

I put it in a basket and forgot about it.  While cleaning throughout the year, I threw away the camera's charger and USB cable because the camera didn't work.

Last week while cleaning out our armoire (a task LOOOOOONG overdue) I found the camera.  On a whim I turned it on and the lens slid right out...and back...and out...the camera had magically fixed itself :)

Of course...the battery was almost dead, I had no cable to unload the pictures that were on it, and no charger to juice up the battery...

...thank you Amazon.... $25 and 6 days's like I have a new camera...

This was on the camera...seriously...such a better picture than what I can take with the Sony...and the boy is so adorable!  He looks like such a baby when I look at the picture now...but I distinctly remember looking at this picture and thinking that he looked so grown up!  Five years sure FLEW by!

Now if I could just get motivated to take the really good camera in to the shop...apparently it's not a healthy environment for cameras in our house :/

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