Thursday, January 3, 2013


January 2nd is always a tough usually means I have to go back to work.  It was especially rough this year since I took off so much time for Christmas...I haven't had this many days off in a row since I had Connor!  It was AwESoMe!! It sure wouldn't be hard to get used to sleeping in and just puttering around every day!

Sanford is still sick, so no picture there...piles of dirty kleenex and his sad face are only funny so many times...poor guy!

The Boy Scout Blast Car Race is tomorrow and Sanford is in charge.

He did get up long enough to go help Connor with his car.

Connor's is the turquoise one in the foreground...I painted it the color he chose last night after they finished working.  

I'll be taking lots of pictures at the big race tomorrow.  It's like Pinewood Derby on steroids.  The boys still build the cars, but instead of a gravity powered race, they put CO2 canisters in the cars and that's what propels them down the track...should be fun :)

While the boys were woodworking today, I made this....

I am the world's worst I'm especially proud of this because I was able to successfully count stitches and the whole thing is amazingly even and straight (for me)...I am pretty much a window licker on the little bus when it comes to anything with yarn.

This isn't done's going to get a few cute felt embellies and be a Christmas present for this year.  One of my goals for this year was to NOT stress the holidays...I figure starting early is a good way to do that :)

I'm really hoping that we get to just get on a boat for Christmas 2013...but I'm not sure the boys...big or small...are totally on board with that...especially when I said it meant I wasn't putting up a tree or doing any baking...sigh...

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