Tuesday, January 1, 2013


...New Years Eve...

Sanford...the PaRtY AniMaL is prepping for a WiLD and CRaZY evening...bwahahahahahahahahahaha...
He's still sick.  He must be feeling a little better though because he's moved upstairs.  He spent all of yesterday in bed...poor guy. 

I'm thinking we're going to be lucky to make it to 

the East Coast ball drop. 

Connor must think it's Y2K or something...he's all armed for the zombie Apocalypse :)  
He's really just get ready for a play date over at a friend's house... everyone takes a full arsenal to a buddy's house right?!?

I asked the boy's if they were making any New Year's Resolutions this year...

Sanford said 
~I'm going to say more nice things to my wife.

After I finished laughing...I went ahead and googled it for him and sent him several links listing nice things to say...I am in NO way holding my breath waiting for that to happen...

When I asked Connor if he was making a resolution this year...this was his response...

I'm taking that as a big ole NO.  

oh, and yes....he is under the bed...and no...I don't know why...probably because he's Connor :)

What the boys don't realize is that my resolutions
~Eat better
~Move more
are going to be their resolutions too...unless of course they suddenly begin cooking for themselves...cue uncontrollable laughter...

They already only eat organic meat, but I'd like to add more veggies and fruits and less processed foods to our diets...I think it's going to be a struggle for the two McDonald's junkies I live with...and I've become guilty of picking up a lot of prepackaged Trader Joe's meatless items for myself...which are better than the golden arches....but still not a great choice.

My other resolution is to
~Take more Pictures

I've noticed that as I become more reliant on my phone to take pictures, there are less quality photos and almost nothing gets printed out...it gets texted, and shared, and emailed, and instagramed...but I'd like to do a better job of recording our daily life and taking more pictures with more people...life is short...and you can't have to many pictures with the people you love.

Sanford woke up long enough to play video games with Connor while counting down...

I gave them both glasses of sparkling cider to ~ChEeRS~ in the New Year...there's no photo of that because -No Fun Bobby-  thought it looked like he and the boy were drinking...so you'll just have to use your imagination on that one :)

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