Thursday, January 10, 2013


I've realized that I'm struggling with tense on this blog...I'm posting the pictures of the day...but I'm blogging about it the following day...I keep switching back and forth between today's and yesterday's and I'm not sure either of them accurately correspond with the date the blog entry was posted on...I think about it every time I enter and it's making me crazy-ER :)

So...I'm making the executive decision to blog each post as what happened past tense.  The numbers and the pictures will match and since I'm blogging it as yesterday, then the date and the writing will match up as well.  I must have either NO life or some serious OCD hangups to be losing sleep over goofy stuff like that!!

Yesterday...I completed crocheting another scarf...

This one was really hard for me because the yarn was bumpy and irregular and so thick that it was impossible to actually SEE where your next stitch was supposed to go...I had to do it by feel and accurate counting...This is HUGE for me.  I've bought pretty yarn several times and given up and pitched the whole mess because I couldn't get while it's the simplest pattern and the simplest's also completed and even...Woo-Hoo! :)

The library stack is coming along nicely.  I'm hoping to make a trip back there on Saturday since a few of the books that I placed on hold have come in and I have a big pile to take back. 

Books on the left need to be read...books on the right are done.

The Carl Hiaasen book was HYSTERICAL...but they always are!  One of the main characters is a Brittany/Lindsey Lohan hot mess type...loved it!

The Ken Follett book was totally NOT what I expected...I read Pillars of the Earth and World Without End and was expecting something historical fictiony (is that a word?!?)  But it's not that at all!  It's drama/suspense set in a modern day Scotland.  The plot centers around a pharmaceutical lab that's developing an anti-virus drug and the lab's owner.  I had to put it down and walk away a few times because I'm such a wimp and the suspense was stressing me out :)  There's a dysfunctional family twist and a little romance  thrown in as well.  I would totally recommend it if you like that kind of sneaky/bad guy/good guy/espionage type stuff.

Here are the goofballs tonight.

Connor all clean from his bath snuggling with Sanford.  It's not nearly as sweet a scene as it looks like.  Connor has been forbidden to have any screen on weekdays.  He's actually just sucking up here to get to watch some TV...tricky .

They were cute together though :)

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