Friday, January 11, 2013


It was rainy again today...lame...

Connor brought home his This I Believe English assignment.

It was due before the break and is the biggest writing assignment of the year.  It was double weighted.  I was a little stressed waiting to see what the result would be since I worked really hard to be HANDS OFF on the writing part...I may or may not have helped with the cover :)

The boy did awesome!  I was really proud of him because he struggles with writing.  He has trouble coming up with topics, miserable penmanship, and generally despises it.  Mr. Frost gave lots of time in class to work on the assignment and Connor did a great job getting things done.  All we had to do at home was a little bit of checking and typing stuff up.  YaY!

The rain stopped this afternoon and the boys went out and played catch and Connor practiced his pitching...but I wasn't smart enough to get a picture of that.

Little League tryouts are on Saturday.  So soon we'll be back to being overscheduled...sigh...I do love going to the games though.  Sitting in a lawn chair along the first base line, cheering on the boys, sun shining, grass greening, birds chirping, snack bar sunflower seeds's so's exactly what I thought being a parent would be like :)

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