Friday, February 1, 2013


Here's a look at this year's Valentine decorations...

...DaNG!!!  You think maybe I should clean that mirror???  I'm leaving the picture in here like this just to keep it real :)   I'd like to blame the rotten job on the boy...but I'd be's all me.

I picked up the felt heart banner at Target for $3...I LoVE their dollar bin up has the BeST seasonal goodies in it!!

The entry table...finally complete with M&'ll be interesting to see how long those last.

I should put an inconspicuous line with a dry wipe eraser on the back of the jar and see how quickly the candy disappears :)

I decided to do MaiLboXeS and a PuNNy VaLeNTinE countdown for the boys.  Each day in February until 
V-Day, there will be a punny note and a matching prize in their box.

I'm pretty certain that this is going to entertain me WaaAaAaaAAaaAaaY more than it amuses them...sigh...It's one of those RaRE times I wish I had a girl...or a wife...

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