Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Last night's Boy Scout meeting was the Court of Honor ceremony.

It was very inspirational.  Connor left all pumped up and ready to buckle down and was the first time I'd ever heard him talk about wanting to be an Eagle Scout.  I told Sanford later that it was like going to watch Top Gun for the first time and leaving the theater wanting to be a fighter pilot :)  ...Even I left the ceremony wanting to Eagle!

Connor's last duty as Patrol Leader for the Cobra Patrol was to read the Bendiction for the ceremony.  He did a great job.

Connor earned a Klondike Derby badge and 3 Merit Badges which he was honored for last night.


He earned the Dentistry, Railroading, and Welding Merit Badges  :)

One of the mom's who's son earned Eagle is AmAZinGLy talented!!!! She made adorable cupcakes and the most INCREDIBLE cake!!!!  The eagle on the top of the stand is a cake she made...individual fondant feathers, great eyes, just gorgeous detailing all around!  It was obvious she was PrOUD of her son! :)

It was a great meeting.  I'm so grateful that we went.  I loved how it encouraged and inspired Connor.

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