Thursday, February 28, 2013


Pasta, Pasta, Pasta 2

That's the name of the class I took Wednesday night.

Mom, JoAnn, Lucy and I learned how to make ravioli and tortellini.

I LoVED these...they are SuPeR adorbs and crazy easy to make...every time I'd seen someone do it on TV or online, they folded it so fast it looked like MaGIC  :)  ...but slowed down and demonstrated repeatedly for us slow's not nearly so tricky!!  

I will DeFiniTeLY be making these at home...I don't even need any special tools...just a round cookie cutter and I already have just a few of those :)

These ravioli were made in a metal mold...again...CraZY easy and these have the benefit of being really fast.  You make a whole trayful...10 or once...unlike those cute little tortellini which are individually cut, filled, wet, folded, and turned...

I'll be looking online today for ravioli molds :)

Joy, the teacher, broke us up into 5 groups to make the different fillings and sauces that we tried last night.  There were two different fillings...butternut squash and a traditional ricotta/spinach...and three sauces...butter&sage, red sauce and pink sauce.  I was in the group making the pink sauce, so of course I took a picture of that one when I set it on the table but I forgot to go back and get pictures of the rest :(

They were all delicious and beautiful...and QUiCK!!  I really enjoyed the butternut squash ravioli with the butter&sage sauce...but Sanford would never go for that as dinner...I think I could squeeze it by as a side dish for him, but that's the best I could hope for.  Luckily, he's at the CADA conference tonight, so Connor and I are going to have the yummy butternut squash pasta for dinner...I'm just telling the boy it's sweet potatoes...he LoVES anything sweet potato and hates anything called "squash" just on principal :)  But I know he'll love these!

Sanford is presenting for the first time at CADA (the ASB directors conference) on Thursday.  I know he'll do great, but he had a little bit of butterflies going on this morning.  It was cute. I can't wait until he gets home this evening to hear all about how it went.  I guess I could go watch it now, since he told me he posted his presentation on YouTube...but I'd rather hear it from the horses....mouth  :)

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