Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Thursday was Sanford's big day to present at CADA.

He texted me this picture and tried to freak me out...telling me this is how the room looked 5 minutes AFTER the presentation was scheduled to start.

I reminded him that it was fine since they had already PAID him to perform...his first paid speaking gig :)

He told me later the room was really 3/4 full for his first round and overflowing...with people standing in the doorway and sitting on the floor up front for his second session.  He is such an awesome public's obvious where Connor inherited those genes from :)

Connor had a ton of homework and we had errands to run so I missed out on book club this month.  Since we were at the Target shopping center to pick up his baseball gear and the goodies on my Target list, he talked me in to walking over to Chicken Pie Diner for dinner.

Connor loves that place...I'm pretty sure it's the milkshakes...but he always eats a TON I don't mind :)

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