Wednesday, March 13, 2013


It rained all night Friday, so Connor's game and the Opening Day ceremonies were cancelled.

Connor still had to do his chores though.

When he was all finished, he went over to Grammi and Grandad's to spend the night since this Saturday was
DaTe NighT :)

Sanford and I went to the movies and to dinner.

We went to see

We arrived 40 minutes before the movie was scheduled to start and the line to get in was already huuuuuuuge.

Poor Connor was all upset that we didn't take him...luckily, I loved the movie and will happily go see it again with him next weekend!

...gotta love the goofy iphone picture...

Sanford and I had dinner at

and then stopped at Barnes and Noble to pick up some cheesecake to take home for dessert...the restaurant only had desserts with ice cream...which just wouldn't have been appetizing by the time we got home :/

We stayed up watching Skyfall which I'd bought for Sanford a few weeks earlier but we hadn't gotten around to yet.  I made Sanford try to guess what the two movies we'd seen had in common...but he couldn't.  Daniel Craig is married to one of the Wicked witches in Oz  :)  

It was 1:00 before we got to bed...and with the time change...I StRuGgLeD to get up the next morning and go pick up Connor :/

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