Friday, March 8, 2013


Wednesday I took the second part of my filled pasta class...but this time I wasn't smart enough to take ANY pictures at all :(

I really have the best time at these classes and just LoVE the teacher.

I'm planning on taking a few more in the Spring semester...a bread class and a homemade cracker class.  I'm sure the  boys will appreciate those!

When I got home from class, I made this as a prize for Connor's Minecraft club advisor.

It could be my favorite 10 minute craft EvER!!

I always ask for a small cup when I buy a Starbucks gift is such a cute and easy way to wrap the card.
This one was crazy fast because I just used a web site to generate the image, typed in my text, printed it out on sticker paper, trimmed it and was was waaaaay closer to 5 minutes that 10 :)

You just have to appreciate a teacher that is willing to give up his lunch hour so that a bunch of middle schoolers can talk about a video game!  LoVE that Mr. Frost!! :)

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