Wednesday, March 6, 2013


It was an absolutely gorgeous day for our first sky, sun shining, 80 degrees...perfect baseball weather!

The only bummer was that Sanford was at  football clinic and missed the game...which turned out to be a VERY bad thing!

Connor played like a ToTaL STuD!!

His fielding was great...his catching was top notch...

He got on all 4 times he batted...2 walks and 2 SoLiD was a triple that probably could have been a home run...but we were up 12-0 at that point and coach held him up at 3rd.

He also got to pitch an inning...

He didn't give up any hits and struck out 3 guys!!

It was AMaZiNG!!!!

Coach recognized him with the game strangers were telling him good game as we left the field...the boy was FLYiNG!!!

The only down side was Sanford missed it...hopefully this week will be a repeat performance :)

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