Thursday, March 21, 2013


Connor didn't go to baseball on Saturday and instead went to a Merit Badge day in Claremont.

He took First Aid which is an Eagle Scout was also an all day event...he went grumbling that it was going to be lame...but ended up having a great time.

He instagramed a picture of a pen sticking out of his leg that was "treated" with some of the First Aid goodies from class...freaked out his friends...suuuuuch a Carvajal!!!

We went over to Grammi and Granddad's for dinner...Sanford's favorite...steak and spa night.

Connor managed to take Granddad for $25...$5 for pulling some weeds and then when he heard camp was next week he pulled out his wallet again and handed Connor a $20...I told him the kids weren't allowed to bring money to camp...there isn't a store any more like there was when he went to camp...Ricky just shrugged, winked at Connor, and told him to keep it any way...That's what Granddads are best at...sneaking you treats and handing you cash...  :)

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