Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sanford had Pep Rallies on Monday, so I opened late so that I could take Connor to school to drop him off for camp.

We got there early, but there were already a ton of kids and their stuff in the gym.

I ran into Mr. Magno, Connor's principal...who up until this school year worked with Sanford at MCHS, his son is a 6th grader too and we discussed how much fun the boys were going to have at camp...and how nice it was going to be to have a week without homework :)

Travis Ford walked in a few minutes later and he and Connor were happy as clams.  Since Travis' mom didn't even come in, I figured I was cleared to go...especially since the boy completely forgot I was there :)

A few hugs and kisses and I was off to work and he was independent for the week!

The BMMS ASB advisor popped onto the bus and took this picture as the kids were headed to camp...she texted it to Sanford...sometimes, I LoVE his job! :)

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