Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The boys left a little earlier than originally planned for their ski trip.

The radio said the mountains would be a rough drive in the afternoon and the forecast went from a 10% chance of snow at 3:00 to a 90% chance of snow at 4:00...better to be safely up there before it all started coming down.

The boys arrived with no drama and immediately went tubing.

Connor looks like he might be having a good time.  :)

After a few hours of tubing, they did what Sanford was most looking forward to...they went to

Gotta LoVE a man with high expectations and gourmet taste! :)

I worked and then enjoyed a quiet evening at home...

There's nothing like a hot soak  in a clean bathroom that's going to have no pee on the floor for 3 whole's VeRY ReLaXinG!! :)

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