Wednesday, February 13, 2013

...+53... I know this goes in the box with...the $50's don't all fit in your wallet and you're diamond tiara is too tight...BUT......

We pay GooD money to live in the when i wake up to THIS...'s worth whining about :)  

That is FRoST...ICE...FroZeN WaTeR...on my grass!  and Sanford left the cars out because the boys still have the trains down and there was ICE on his car!!! ReaLLY?!?!?!?  FreeZinG??? HeRe??? 
No thank you!  Go away Mr. Jack do NOT live here...

Alright...enough sniveling about frost when people are buried under 6' of snow in other places...  :)

Here's the day's PuNnY VaLenTinE...

Needless to say...Connor LoVeD it!!   I put Sanford's in his lunchbox since he never checks his mailbox.

The boys went out to practice pitching before dinner...

Sanford made Connor a pitching mound to practice from and faithfully lugs the monstrosity....ummm, I mean it's the...BriLLianTLy ConSTrUCtED piece of EQuiPmEnT...out from the backyard whenever they practice...  :)

I made the coolest cookie boxes yesterday for Connor to give to his teachers...they were SuPeR easy and turned out so professional looking in their packaging  :)  I am such a SuCKeR for CuTe packaging!  

I think it's funny that Connor still enjoys bringing his teachers treats from home...I'm not sure how much longer it will be before this kind of thing embarrasses him and he tells me to stop...but I'm going to stay on the ~SuCK UP to ThOsE TeaCHeRS~ bandwagon as looooong as possible!!!

Side note...I think I've become just a squidge addicted to the Collage Making App I's so AmAZingLy handy...and one collage picture uploads to the blog muuuuuuuuch faster that 27 individual pics :) they look so cute...kinda funny that a free App could bring me so much need to get out more!

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