Friday, April 26, 2013


Thursday night was a mandatory meeting at BMMS Academy...basically it's just a glorified check collection day.

For most people...parking is a CoMPLetE nightmare...300 families there at one time all trying to fit into one parking lot...

Sanford hooked us up :)

He parked in the auto shop up at the high school and we walked down the hill linking the two campuses.

We got down to the bottom and I noticed the gate was closed and locked.

I thought we were going to have to trudge back up the hill and join the melee in the parking lot...but Sanford just smiled and pulled out his keys...sometimes being the ASB advisor has lovely fringe benefits :)

We walked right in the back way and were in and out in 30 minutes...SWeeT!

Connor got to stay home alone and managed not to burn down the house or bleed on anything...he's growing up ;)

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