Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Connor had a birthday party to go to on Sunday afternoon and I convinced Sanford that a late lunch would be nice and one at Hacienda de Vega would be even better :)

He was a total sport and agreed to go even though he was missing several televised sporting events and there are no screens at the restaurant (hmmm....another PLUS!!)

We were seated and this is what is in the center of the patio...

We both thoroughly enjoyed lunch...I had Veggie rolled tacos this time that were YuMmY!!! Sanford liked his lunch too and said that we could definitely add de Vega to our restaurant rotation :)  Woo-Hoo!!

After lunch we strolled around and took a few more pictures of the grounds.

There are all kinds of small group seating areas, casitas, and fire pits in the's absolutely the kind of place that would be a BLaST to go to with the book club girls...I need to find a book with a Spanish or Mexican angle to make that happen! :)

Later that afternoon when Connor got home, the boys went out back to practice pitching while I made dinner.

This picture makes me smile...I love the effort Connor is expending and the wild motion of his hair! Generally, Sanford has Connor throw 40 pitches. Usually, all is quiet and uneventful.  This time,  I was in the kitchen and had to go out to check on them once when I heard the ball thunk LOUDLY into Sanford's glove...Sanford was yelping and shaking his hand even though he was wearing a catcher's mitt...apparently the boy throws HARD when he wants to!

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