Thursday, April 11, 2013


The project in the front yard progresses...sloooooowly...and I continue to be only an observer....

I am realizing that I don't do well in a spectator roll when DIY is involved.  I have many thoughts and opinions, I'm sure I could do it better and faster myself, and I am amazingly impatient at how long it's taking. On the plus side, I am doing quite well at keeping those thoughts to myself.

There haven't been any nasty notes from the HOA or complaints from the neighbors, so I'm going to continue with my scientific method and let the men proceed as they like. 

You have to admit that being on week 2 of this unsightly hole, trench, and black tarp is a little ghetto....grass looks really green though! more attractive parts of the's what's in BLooM :)

 I took a closer shot of the ranunculus just because it was so PeRFeCT!

Now...if I can just remember to water, we'll be in good shape! :)

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