Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So for Jo-Ellen's surprise BirthDay party, the plan was

-Dinner with her peeps at Hacienda de Vega
-Poway Fun Bowl for mechanical BuLL riding

Everything went very well and I definitely have a new FaV restaurant...HoLY SnaP!!

Hacienda de Vega is AmAZinG!!!

It's a restaurant in Escondido that looks vaguely charming from the front but in no way prepares you for how GoRGeouS the setting actually is!  I LoVED it! AND they have a big vegetarian section!  My dinner was DeLiSH, the chips were tasty, the green salsa is ThE BEsT...We will absolutely be going every possible opportunity!!

For the record...I DiD get on the BuLL...but only to pose for a photo...the BuLL operator was on vacation and no one else was qualified to run a machine as complicated as a legless bull in a blow up pit with GiaNT horns...guess I lucked out! :)

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