Thursday, April 18, 2013


There are some days when life is smooth and easy and then there was Monday....sigh...

Connor has decided that he doesn't need to write down his homework at school in his Raider Reminder...which the school provided for him SPECIFICALLY for that every night, I pull out my phone, go onto Learning Point, and pull up his homework for the evening.

Now, Connor is an incredibly bright boy, I think so, his dad thinks so, we had him tested and they said so, his teachers all say so...but the boy is NOT self-motivated...he's at an age where just squeaking by is enough for him.

I try to check his homework every night...but sometimes I slack...and I haven't actually spot checked the answers to his math homework in a few weeks.  Unfortunately at 7:45 on Monday evening...I decided to do just well as ask to physically SEE the rest of his homework...

If the ensuing 2 hours was recorded and shown as BirTH ConTRoL to high school students, we could COMPLETELY eliminate teen pregnancy!

It was without a doubt the worst homework evening in the history of school.

I hope nothing ever comes close again!

On a positive note, the homework all got finished and I hope that Connor understands some of it a little better...and I, oddly enough, remained completely calm the entire time...such a FLuKE!! I knew Middle School was going to be a challenge...but I thought it would be challenging for the 11 year old NOT the 42 year old! ;)

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