Monday, April 1, 2013


Easter Sunday we went to brunch at Grammi and Grandad's.

I made two desserts...but was only smart enough to take a picture of one...

This Lemon Tart was AmAZinG!  Everyone wanted the recipe.  It's a definite keeper!

The other dessert was a coconut cream pie with a chocolate Oreo crust and homemade hot fudge and fresh whipped cream.  It was good...but I didn't think it was worth making again...

I also tried a new potato was beautiful...and fairly tasty...

...but absolutely NOT worth the 45 minutes of cutting that was required! :(

Connor went on another Egg Hunt.

This time the eggs were filled with MoNeY and he was the only one hunting...another example of why it RoCKS to be an only child :)

Here are the boys posing in front of my parents mulberry tree...I love that tree...Ricky hates it though...The birds eat the fruit and then poop a NaSTY purple color all over the yard...I guess I can see where that would be a bit of a downer...

Here's Sanford's idea of funny...

Connor wanted no part of this posed picture...looking at his face you could NeVeR tell he's snippy and uncooperative...BwaHahaHAhaha... that kid does NOT have a poker face!

We were home by 12:30 and after I cleaned up the DiSaSteR that was my kitchen...I took a LoveLY nap.

In the afternoon, we all played in the backyard with the batting cage that the boys set up.

You get points depending on how far you can hit the ball and there's a dry wipe board out there to keep track.

I got 16 points
Connor got 34 points
Sanford got 68 points

Needless to say...Sanford is the biggest fan of this game.
Connor and I would like to come up with a handicap system :)

It was a WoNDeRFuL made me sad that the boys were going back to school Monday.

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