Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I spent most of Thursday making cookies for a friend's surprise birthday party scheduled for Friday.

I found out that I LoVE my margarita/martini cutter...super quick and easy to decorate and they turn out AdoRBs...and that shoes are a LoT more complicated than they look...sigh...

I also came to the conclusion that DiscO DuST is NOT for the feint of heart...I will be cleaning up miniscule particles of sparkle from cracks and crevices for the next 5 years!!  It does look AwESoMe on the cookies though! :)

Here's a closer picture of the PiNK heels...they crack me up.

...and a picture of the cookie that looks like a cake I decorated...I'm thinking it's a bridge too far with the polka dots and glitter and 7 colors on one is InCreDiBLy obnoxious! :)

I sure hope she likes them because they were a squidge labor intensive :/

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