Thursday, April 18, 2013


Baseball was on Wednesday this week...the weekday games start at 4:30 and Connor generally is just rolling in the door at 4:00 which makes things a little hurried and stressful.

I generally have drinks and snacks laid out and ready to go as well as uniforms set out on the bed...

I tend to lay out Sanford's shirt and hat along with Connor's gear because I need somewhere to nap people and I can't take up both bedrooms.

The dressing itself is usually quick and painless except for those socks...they are like 12 feet long and tight fitting...trying to squeeze them onto sweaty feet is not a pleasant task!  ...another of those things they don't tell you about in the parent handbook!!

I do love how both of their hats look sitting together like this...I'm so grateful that Sanford thinks it's important to spend this time with Connor and be a big part of his Little League's more of that idyllic suburban childhood I always hoped my kid would have :)

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