Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Our family was scheduled to have snack on Saturday and I was going to make personalized baseball cookies.  Connor decided to go camping with the Boy Scouts this weekend instead, so we switched off with another family.

Since we'll now have snack on a weekday, and I'm not sure how the week is going to go...I just packaged up snacks to make life easier...especially since I have a cooking class the night we have snack and Sanford is going to be in charge :/

This is the kind of stuff that makes me LoVE the Internet!  It took 20 minutes to download, resize, print, and punch out both of these graphics...CRaZY easy...


...which is important when you're churning out 15 of something...for a bunch of 9-11 year olds who only care about getting food in their bellies and NOT about the matter how CuTe it is :)

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