Wednesday, April 10, 2013


On Monday, Connor brought home the bass from school.

Sanford hates when this happens and I can't imagine that the other members of the car pool like it too much either.

Connor claims that they are beginning practice logs and that he will need to bring the MoNStrOsiTY home every day.  I thought Sanford's head was going to pop off.  It doesn't exactly thrill me either since I'm still paying for the violin he HaD to have to practice...which is just collecting dust in his room.  Connor decided all on his own at the beginning of the school year to switch instruments...sigh...

The really scary part is that as HuGE as this thing is, it's not even a full sized one!

I do love listening to him practice though...I loved when he'd play the violin every day...after he got through the hideous cat being skinned alive stage...  ;)

He did such a great job on the violin.  Considering how little actual hands on training they received each week, Connor played beautifully by mid-February of last year.  He sounds pretty good on the bass too, but there are a lot fewer notes to play and so it's hard to recognize what song he's playing.  I do like how it's so deep that it vibrates your innards when he plays though. :)  and his auntie assures him that chicks find bass players HoT...I'm not sure how she thinks that helps, but I'm hoping she has good intentions...

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