Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I went in as Connor was getting dressed on Monday morning to remind him that it was April FooL's Day.  I told him to remember that if someone said something mean or silly he should check to see if they were joking first.  Then I asked him if he wanted to get Daddy later :)

He said he DiD want to get Dad and he had an idea.  Oh...and not only did he want to get Dad...he wanted to take his idea to school too...

He had to explain it to me 3 times before I got it...

because  BroWN   E ReaLLy does sound like BroWniE :)

I laughed out loud when I got it and ran upstairs to cut out some E's and print up some tags.

We put the E's into ziploc bags and stapled on the ApriL FooLs! :) tag and he was good to go.

When he came home he told me not only did he get his friends....he got Mr. Frost, his English teach AND Mr. Magno, the principal.

It is such a shame the boy is so ShY :)

 The boy may be a wise guy...but he is NOT dumb...he asked if we could please make ReaL brownies to take in to the adults he had FooLeD :)  I thought it was a fine idea and baked some cookies too...since the kitchen was already a mess.

I packed them up and put another  BRoWN  E on the bag...just to be funny.

Sanford came home with quite the wild hair and he and Connor worked on it for quite a while.

Here's Connor playing real life MineCraFt...

Sanford hates the way the weed-wacker chews up the paint along the bottom of the fence and has decided a planter bed would solve the problem...so he bought a new pick (pick axe if you ask Connor) and laid out the edging and started digging.

I am NoT getting sucked in to this one and am curious how it will turn out...and how LoNG it will take...

The grass that was dug out on Monday is currently spread ALLLLLL over the lawn...Sanford's claim is that it will dry out that way and be easier to dispose of...Connor has BoTH baseball practice AND scouts on Tuesday...so I'm betting it's all still laying there until at least Wednesday afternoon...and they only dug out about 25% Monday...YuP...I'm thinking this one is waaaaaaay more work than the boys realize :)

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