Wednesday, April 3, 2013


There are many things I love about baseball season.

I love that for us it's a family event...Sanford coaches and is at almost every practice and game...I'm there yelling and's a sure fire way to see at least one grandpa every week...and usually it's both of them...I love how we all want to root for the boy :)

I love the other parents and the socializing.

I love parking my folding chair along the fence and just enjoying being outside in such a beautiful city.

I love that Connor loves us being there.

I love cheering for him and buying junk food from the snack bar....except that beef jerky he loves....sweet JesuS...that has got to be OuTLaWeD...ReaLLy!!!  GaG!!

I love how it is one of the few instances where the way I envisioned something is how it really is.  The whole little league experience is the way I always thought parenting would be...the entire family at the game, bonding, happy, it is so amazingly suburban and nearly timeless...

BUT... knew that was coming right?!?!?!?!?


was EMptY Tuesday morning...

I did NOT stage this picture...the sock was really hanging out of the basket like that and it looks like a Tide commercial...

~Can your detergent get out set in filth?
General middle-school gnarliness??~

I truly despise the caliber of scuzziness and quantity of dirty clothing produced by this sport.


I also hate when we have practice and games on week nights and have to juggle sports, dinner, chores, homework, and sometimes scouts all on the same night...while I am an ExCeLLenT multitasker...11 year old boys are NOT known for that skill...and this week we have back to back practice and game during the week...sigh...say a prayer I don't strangle anyone with their own DiSGuSTinG tube sock!!

Last night as we were struggling with homework and I was contemplating various ways to dispose of a body...I questioned the sanity of team sports during the school year.

Hence the big list of things I love about Little League...I'm psyching myself up to go tackle those socks!

Now I just need to find my hazmat suit....

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