Friday, April 26, 2013


Sunday morning everyone woke up completely recovered from the nasty 12 hour bug and we went down to Chula Vista to visit Banana.

We stopped at Champagne bakery first to bring some treats...Grandma has quite a sweet tooth :)

...and the bakery has quite a selection :)

We recently found out that Grandma has breast cancer.  It's a small lump and hopefully it was caught early enough.

She has a Dr. appointment on Monday to find out what her treatment plan is, so we wanted to go down and cheer her up...not that she needed much of that.  She was her usual chipper self...asking Connor about his video game, puttering around in the yard, sweeping the patio...her hip replacement has done wonders for her and she is back to being spry and mobile...I really hope this cancer is just another bump in the road and is behind her quickly.

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