Thursday, April 18, 2013


Wednesday night I took an Introduction to bread making class through the Poway Adult school.  It was taught by the same person who taught the pasta I knew I was going to bring home something delicious! :)

In class we made and baked a was crazy good!  We also mad the dough for rosemary bread...but that needed to sit for a day or two.  I was feeling all baker-y so I looked online and found a recipe for Hawaiian Sweet Bread.

It seemed easy enough...except that I had to boil and mash potatoes for it...but I was feeling all Sally Homemaker, so why not?!?!?

The dough looked great in the mixer...but I might have added the flour straight from the freezer and bad things didn't rise the way it was supposed to.  ;(

I still fed it while it was still warn to a few people and it was really tasty...but once it cooled, it turned into a hockey puck...sigh...IMpatience is NOT a virtue!

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