Thursday, May 30, 2013


I only had two kids at work on Wednesday so I decided to walk them down to the park in the afternoon to play for a while and watch Connor's second playoff game.

I love the path down to the Rec Center.  It's on a super busy street, but they builders put in a wide sidewalk and a bunch of shrubbery to encourage walkers

Connor caught for most of the game.  He's really strong behind the plate and like a vacuum cleaner...he just sucks up everything thrown that way.

He's gotten much better at his throw outs to second base as well.

This was an InstaGram picture from grass, blue sky, absolutely GoRGeouS day...perfect for baseball! 

I was hoping the boys would lose so that we could get the 9am game on Saturday...but the boys had other plans...our Cardinals won 17-6.

So now we have a 3:00 game on a day scheduled to be 90 degrees and Sanford has to be at prom at 6:00...I'm thinking that a nice dinner before the dance isn't going to happen and I'm going to be picking up fast food and driving it down to him...sigh...I was really looking forward to the Prado....

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