Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Thursday, Connor had his first playoff game.  I got to go to the first 30 minutes of it, but then had to leave to attend First Aid class.

The Cardinals won and  are guaranteed 2 more games :)

I picked up Laura who is taking the CPR and First Aid classes with me and we headed off to Pomerado Hospital.

Everything was going along smoothly until the crazy lady next to us shushed us ...she'd already talked about how she uses paper bags to stop bleeding and told a story about how when her mother broke her femur she forced the poor woman to stand up and I guess she REALLY needed the class and to hear the info repeated MuLtiPLE times...but being shushed in a class full of adults was a little ridiculous...especially when we were whispering about first aid related things...

When we left the class, I just bust out laughing as soon as we hit the door!  We got into the elevator with two other ladies who were also convinced that out "shusher" was a nut ball!  At least she made the evening memorable!! :)

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