Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So Monday, May 13 started out completely normally....there were no hints or foreshadowing about what was going to happen that afternoon :)

I knew Sanford was up to something...some kind of planning and scheming...I knew my neighbor Lucy was in on it...but I didn't know what it was or the time be honest...I ReaLLy thought it was going to happen on Mother's Day and was QuiTE disappointed when it didn't....

Sanford needed to pick up the kids from school on Monday afternoon...which is out of the when he showed up at the door at 2:30...I asked him if he forgot...he claimed he had but since he didn't need to get them until closer to 4:00...he came in any way to relax and get a drink.

A few minutes later...the doorbell rang and he jumped up to get it...that in itself is UnUSuaL!  Then when he only opened the door a tiny bit, snuck out, and shut the door behind added to the weirdness...but the topper was that I saw that there was a total stranger outside holding a bunch of BiRTHDaY balloons...I couldn't figure out WHAT was going on since it wasn't remotely near anyone in our house's birthday.

Sanford led the man in and the stranger handed me the balloons and a card.

Inside the card said...

...BwaHaHahAhAHaaaaa...Sanford made me read it out loud...he is one SiCK twist! :)

The guy is a contractor...the same one my friend Chris has been working with and he was there for my HaLF-BiRTHDaY to change my kitchen and give me whatever I wanted to make it.

There were balloons, cards, presents, and even my FaV cake from the Swedish bakery.

I was VeRY surprised...and Sanford was VERY smug and pleased with himself! :)

Ty will be over soon with pictures and samples...I can't WaIT!!! GooD BYe GRouT!!!!!

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