Monday, May 13, 2013


It's Teacher Appreciation week.

This year I made a list of what I was making for Connor's teachers and sent it to a few ladies who always are interested in buying goodies from me...I made enough money to almost pay for Connor's gifts :)

Here's one of the orders...

The jars that say "Teacher Treats" on them are filled with smarties and dum-dums.  The tag on the bottom says "thank you for helping me to be a "smartie" not a "dum-dum"...I do LoVE the puns for Teachers!! :)

Most of the things I made were straight download made life sooooo much easier!  I'll gladly part with photo paper and printer ink to save myself HouRS of time!!!

Here's an ADoRaBLe eighteen25 download I made and Connor took 5 of these to school

I can't remember where I found the pencil printable...but it worked GReaT on the day we sent in paper and pencils!

This mint and dark chocolate candy bar was probably my favorite...I LoVE how they turned out...of course they were the most crafty and labor intensive...but once I had the prototype done, they were super quick and easy.

I was very happy that Connor still wanted to take things in to his teachers this year.  I'm afraid it will be the last year he's willing to do it...but I don't think teachers get nearly enough praise, credit, and perks for all they do...and most of his teachers this year have been AMAZING.  They are quick responders and very interested in what is best for Connor.  It was a pleasure to make treats for them!

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