Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Connor had a game at 11:30 on Saturday and we had snack I made cute tags and filled AdoRBs red gingham print take out boxes and lugged everything down to the field only to discover that the Hopp's were there  selling Coldstone Ice Cream...since it was 96 was pretty much a NO BraiNeR!  I lugged the boxes back to the car and bought the boys frozen snack! :)

After the game, the plan was to meet the family at the Poway train park and let the boys ride the train and go to the Hamburger factory for dinner.

Unfortunately, the train wasn't we drove over to Fillipi's and had Italian for dinner.

My sister and her family are moving back to the States from Germany and were in town for Mother's Day weekend.  So all the cousins got to visit.

There's quite an age range here from 17 year old Kaylin down to 1 1/2 year old Maggie.

Sanford and I needed to go look at prom venues so Connor ended up camping out in Grammie's living room and spending the night there.  He generally does pretty well with younger kids and when I went to pick him up the next day, he was happily building a new Lego contraption bought for him by Uncle Jose and had no real interest in leaving :)  It was nice that he got to spend some time with his cousin.

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