Friday, May 3, 2013


 On Sunday, we went to K1Speed...I referred a client to one of my daycare dads, who is a realtor, he was having a client appreciation party there and invited the boys got to drive for free...SWeeT! :)

Jo-Ellen and Sam were there too...they are the sellers I referred to Jason...I opted not to drive because the boys don't play nice and I had no interest in getting put into a wall or spun out in the middle of the track...Sanford got flagged with the big ol' NO BuMPinG!! flag both times he raced!  He put Connor into the wall and spun out the poor guy who had the nerve to be in front of him...of course he claimed that was an accident...but we all know Carvajal is Swedish for BiG CheaTeR!!!!!

The boys had a BLaST!!

...and I had a BLaST watching them have a BLaST :)

I swear sometimes it really is like I have kids instead of 1...when I talk about them to people, I call them them "the BoYS"'s kinda funny.

We missed the last race because we had dinner plans and needed to leave early.

We went over to the Hodges for swimming and dinner.  Connor had a great time and even Sanford seemed to enjoy himself.

I tried out a new cupcake recipe...Butterfinger Milkshake cupcakes...they were a big hit..but I'd definitely squeeze in a little LeSS homemade caramel sauce next time/...I thought the cupcake were too wet and gooey...

It was a SuPeR fun of the kind you are sad to see end because it's been completely stress free and everyone is getting along so nicely...

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