Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Wednesday night was the Great Gatsby party at Laura's house.  

We were all meeting for drinks, appetizers and cupcakes and then going to see the movie.

I made Lemon cupcakes with Limoncello Lemon Curd filling and Lemon whipped cream cream cheese frosting dusted with crushed lemon drop candy.  

I spent the morning beating the tar out of the lemon drops with a hammer :)

The cupcakes turned out yummy...another make again :)

I remembered the book being depressing...but I'd forgotten what a CoMPLeTE downer it is...drunks, fornicators, liars, phonies, and dead bodies...not exactly warm and fuzzy.  It did lead to good discussion later though...not all movies have to be fun and happy...that's just the kind we usually go to.  It was a beautiful movie and Leo certainly isn't hard on the it was a lot of fun to see a movie with a big group of women...a completely different experience from seeing one with the family...a lot rowdier... and no one gave me a hard time for needing a bathroom break! :)

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