Saturday, December 29, 2012


Connor had a wild hair and poked me with it and we spent the morning rearranging his room...EVERY piece of furniture got's still not photo worthy...more a disaster zone!

He had a doctor's appointment and on the way home we stopped at

We bought an assortment of GooDieS just because...

Connor's friend Connor came over and the two of them played for a few hours.  They were busy alternating between saving the universe and showing off their AmAZinG dance moves...Listening to them from downstairs was a pretty amusing diversion :)

When we took the other Connor home, the two of them weaseled a deal and our Connor ended up staying and spending the clothes, no pillow...not even a toothbrush.  Just more proof that 11 year old boys are GroSS!  Connor's dad had a pack of spare I'm hoping at least a little brushing happened...but I wouldn't bet the farm on it...

Sanford and I went and picked up my Explorer from the shop and then went to the Hole in the Wall for dinner

The decor may leave something to be desired...but the Margaritas are large and the food is TaSTY!

Sanford LoVES the Enchiladas Suizas....I'm pretty sure that's what he'd choose as his last meal on Earth.

...hang on...

...I just asked him and yup...I was correct.  Nice to know that I won't be cooking :)

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