Thursday, December 27, 2012


In an effort to let everyone thoroughly enjoy our StAY-cation...I've decided to just let the boys stew in their own filth if it doesn't bother them...I figure I'll just drive the back hoe through and fumigate after they go back to school...

Here they are in their natural habitat...surrounded by junk food wrappers and playing video's just like how you'd find them in the wild.

...and here's Connor practicing his possessed face.  I'm not sure why that's a favorite of his lately...but I certainly hope it's a short phase.

Here's a peek at what they are looking at.  It was Connor's gift TO Sanford.  Nice how they got each other video games to avoid the fact that I refuse to buy any more games since I see the $50 discs laying on the floor and it makes my head PoP off!

Grammie got in on the action too this year.  She bought Connor the Need for Speed game...SC gave Connor the Just Dance game and Connor gave his dad Batman Legos...I'm sure it's enough to keep them busy through most of least the Just Dance game gets Connor's tushie out of the gaming chair and moving around :)

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