Saturday, December 22, 2012

...+ 1 ...

The world didn't end yesterday...Woo-Hoo  ;)  

I guess that Jello pudding offering to the Mayan gods ReaLLy worked!

So every day from now on is a ...{plus}...'s just a convenient excuse to start a 365 blog before Christmas and squeeze those fun holiday pictures in...seems kind of like a cheat...but I'm going with it!

The goal is to post at least one picture daily...sometimes with words and sometimes time and circumstance allow.


At 5:00 today as I packed off the last day care child, I began the longest section of time off I've had since I gave birth to Connor...11 days in a row.  To begin things right, we went out to dinner...when we got home, the boys went upstairs to play video games and I started a fire, turned on the tree, and laid on the couch with a new book (Cleopatra) and a cup of English Toffee was AwEsOmE!!  Cozy and stress...

Kitty Mack was also a big fan of the relaxing evening.  He camped out on my lap as I was reading and when I got up to go to bed, he sprawled out on the floor...I think he was hoping I'd leave the fireplace on for him :)

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