Sunday, December 23, 2012


it was a quiet day...lots of lounging....

and a little crafting....

I decorated a couple of recycled pop top pinto bean cans.  I opened them with my Pampered Chef can opener on the bottom so that the pop top stayed functional...then I cleaned them out, decorated them, and stuck gift cards inside.  I then re-glued the bottoms back on so that the recipient has to pop the top to get their gift :)

I was invited to decorate GinGerBrEAd houses at Kathy's house....she is one of my daycare moms.

This is my's the first house I've ever built :)

...and it comes complete with a yard, candy topiary, a sled, and a candy coal fire pit with chocolate benches.

There was a crazy amount of candy to choose from and all of the houses were baked by Kathy...holy SMOKES...a ton of work for her!  I am so glad she invited me.  It was a fun experience and really made me want to think about doing it myself and making it an annual tradition for our family or maybe's kind of a girlie thing though...I can't really envision Sanford and Connor being all that into it...unless I convince them it's like candy MinECRafT :)

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