Saturday, December 29, 2012


Sanford had to go in to work this morning for an optional ASB work day.  Connor and I took the Explorer down to Robby's to have them fix the non-stop squeaking :(  

Funny how my truck needs to go into the shop EvErY's my Merry Christmas from Ford.

When we got home Sanford wanted to go to the car show...

Connor went off on his own and got lost 5,612 times...there are 5,611 texts on my phone asking where we are and random pictures showing me where he was when he sent the text...GooF BaLL!

Connor had to get in EVERY car and try it out.

I only saw Sanford sit in two cars...The Mustang GT convertible and a Mercedes convertible...when he was sitting in the Mercedes, Connor came up and looked at me and said "Hey Mom...isn't this the car we tried to give Dad?"  It was very difficult not to laugh because he was absolutely correct! 

I actually gasped out loud and may have drooled just a little bit when I saw the GuLLWinG...I must not have been the only one in LoVE with it since it made the front page of the UT the next day!

We walked over to Spaghetti factory for dinner and came home and watched Where the Wild Things Are...don't think we'll be watching that again...EVER...

These two pictures are up in the collage but they cracked me up enough that I had to post them separately too...

The hamsters were just hysterical and Connor was happy to smile in pictures instead of working on that crazy possessed look he's been trying to perfect lately...I guess I should check with Sanford and see if the boy and the rodent are throwing up gang signs   :)

...this picture is funny and frightening at the same time...he's in a giant vehicle acting like he's going to run me over..the sheer GLeE in his eye makes me worry about what things are going to be like in 5 years...that's how long it is until he can get a learner's permit...HoLy is that possible?!?!?!

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